1. Macro & Micro Massage Modules

Derma Seta smoothes your legs and hips with the Macro & Micro Massage Modules. These massaging attachments will make your skin soft and supple. It relaxes your body and offers a long lasting effect on your body.

2. Derma Crystal Hair Removal Pad

The Derma crystal Hair Removal pad contains the derma seta crystals that painlessly remove hair from your skin making it look smooth and soft. It saves time and a great deal of your money that you spend in some professional spa centers.

3. Deep Cleanser Brush

Deep Cleanser brush is one of the best parts of derma spa kit that effectively cleanse the poses of your skin and make your skin feel amazing.

4. Foot Smoother

The Foot Smoother attachment for the derma seta works that helps in smoothening ugly and unattractive calluses on your feet to leave your feet looking like you have gone through an expensive pedicure treatment.

5. Macro & Micro Massage Modules

Our massaging heads will make you love your derma mini spa kit. These attachments provide complete rejuvenation to your body and smoothes out your legs and feet.

7 Attachments of Derma Seta Include

Derma Seta

6. Pumice Stone

The Derma Seta pumice stone is helps in removing chapped skin from your feet and makes it look beautiful.

7. Body Buffer

Body Buffer is another major attachment in the product which is used at the end of the whole treatment. It relaxes your body and will it feel fresh. It helps in cleaning your skin and increases glow to it.

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About Derma Seta

Derma seta is an amazing body spa treatment including the advantages of smooth hair removal, massager cleaning kit and a dry skin exfoliating. It is one of the most advantageous products that can help you in painlessly removing unwanted hair from your body. You can also remove tiny hair from your face with this fabulous invention. The Derma spa kit comprises of body buffering pad and a foot smoother with which you can give yourself a nice pedicure and get smooth feet. Not just that, the kit is also provided with additional free batteries so that you can continue enjoying the benefits of the product without worrying about power running out. Derma mini spa kit for full body spa treatment that helps you to stay updated.

Important features of Derma Seta

  • Painlessly removes hair.
  • Remove oldest dry skin.
  • Includes 9 accessories for a fully body spa treatment.
  • Includes additional battery.

Enjoy the great benefits of the most expensive spa treatments at your home only with the fabulous Derma Seta technology. This hair removal kit offers a lot of convenience in removing unwanted hair from your body and also saves a lot of your money. Derma spa kit provides the most professional results and can be used anywhere, anytime! It saves a great deal of your time, bringing in an amzing glow and radiance to your skin. Now always stay beautiful with this amazing massaging kit.

Other Benefits of Derma Seta

Some F.A.Qís

What is Derma Spa Kit
Derma Seta is completely body massage kit which use to make your body clean from unwanted hairs and pores. This product have best advantage to remove hair painlessly from body and facial parts. Now save your precious money and time via Derma body spa kit.
How this hair removal system works?
Derma hair removal helps to remove hairs through advance Crystal Pads which rotates 550 times per minute. It remove hair painlessly, additionally you can get exfoliating, buffering & polishing your skin.
What is the use of Derma seta?
  • Perfect way to remove unwanted hair from the body
  • Available with 9 advance accessories to make your skin clean & beautiful
  • Known as painless hair remover
  • Provide excellent results compare to shaving

Our Customer's Reviews

Derma Seta is perfect body spa in my opinion. Its convenient as well as ow-priced remedy to make your body clean & beautiful without paying a lot on Spas & Parlors. I must say i pleased with this product and want to want to advise some others to use this as soon as.
Best Mini Spa Kit
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